Allegations of Cryptocurrency Fraud for Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled

Floyd Mayweather And DJ Khaled Allegedly In Legal Trouble For Cryptocurrency Fraud

Today an article came across my desk regarding Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled in trouble with the SEC for promoting cryptocurrencies without disclosing their promotional relationship with the companies.

They were being paid by various cryptocurrency companies including Centra Tech. The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission alleges that Mayweather received $300,000 from three separate cryptocurrency companies, including $100,000 from Centra Tech. DJ Khaled also received $50,000 from Centra Tech.

In a settlement with the SEC, both men agreed to pay back the payments they received to the Commission, as well as a penalty with interest. Mayweather also promised not to promote any securities for three years, and Khaled will promise the same for two years.

Centra Tech has been charged separately on fraud allegations by the SEC. Neither Khaled nor Mayweather has addressed the matter directly.

Sohrab “Sam” Sharma, Robert Farkas and Raymond Trapani, who co-founded Centra Tech Inc, were each charged with securities fraud, wire fraud and two conspiracy counts, according to an indictment filed with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Prosecutors said the defendants, who live in Florida, misled investors in Centra tokens that they had formed partnerships with Visa Inc, MasterCard Inc and Delaware-based The Bancorp Inc to issue debit cards, among other allegations.

Browser hijacking motivated by online advertising from online news organizations

I read my news online as most people do. Online news organizations including TV stations and traditional newspapers are online and of course need to monetize their content. In some cases as with the Wall Street Journal, you can read three articles per month for free but have to buy an online subscription for full access. Totally understandable.

For other news publications, they monetize their websites with advertising. Some, like the Drudge Report are subtle. Adds appear at the top, sides and the bottom of the page. Others like the UK Daily Mail and UK Mirror, assault the viewer with multiple pop up ads, autoplay videos, redirects and the like. Sometimes there is so much load activity, you have to wait for the site to settle down before you can even read the article. I am surprised this activity does not cause seizures.

There a growing trend however, of what I call “Forward Progression Page Refreshing”.  When you are on the Drudge Report, sometimes you will notice the page refreshing. This is just keeping that page updated every minute or two in case there are any new news headlines. At any point, you can hit the back button on your browser and you will go back to the site you were on before you went to Drudge.

The Seattle Times and the UK Mirror are refreshing as well(you can’t see it), however every time they do their hidden refresh, they are advancing you deeper into their website. This is done so when you are done reading the news article and hit “back” on your browser, you are not able to leave their site. Here are two examples below. I went to an article at The Seattle Times and another article from the Mirror. I clicked on links that were on the Drudge Report.

You can see by right clicking on the back button, I have been taken deep into their site with the same article.

Seattle Times Website Advertising

UK Mirror Website Advertising

In my opinion, the sole motivation for this process, is to keep you on their site longer to deliver more advertising to the viewer. I feel this practice is not only deceptive but is intrusive to our browsing experience.

I was in one Mirror article for 3 minutes and had to have been pushed forward at least 40 times to where hitting the back button to get back to Drudge or even right clicking the back button was futile. I had to actually kill the tab to get out of it.

And shame on you Seattle Times, my hometown newspaper. I expect this kind of thing from adwhores like the papers in the UK, but this is poor etiquette.

The Expectation of Advanced Defense Aviation Technologies


Update 11/12/2018: I confirmed with an insider there is no doubt the SR-72 is currently in service.

In November of 1955, a C-54 US Air Force transport plane crashed in the Spring Mountains in Southern Nevada. All 14 occupants were killed. The families of the decedents knew their family members had died but they were never told what the mission was until 1998 when an FOIA provided the accident report.  Flight 9068 was transporting members of the CIA and other defense contractors to Groom lake, aka Area 51 for a test flight of the U-2 Spy-plane. The U-2 was at the highest level of secrecy, probably in the the top five of secret black budget projects ever.

This was a new technology. This was the first high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. There was no expectation of this technology. Maybe a dream of this concept, but it had to be kept under wraps so the missions could be implemented in secrecy once the U-2 passed all testing. After the public knew of the U2, there was an expectation of the next big thing in defense aviation. The public just did not know about the A-12 project designed by Lockheed for the CIA in 1960 which eventually became the SR-71 that could fly higher and faster then any aircraft on earth. This project was started as the U-2 was flying missions.

Then we had a the “Black Triangles”. The F-117 Nighthawk was the first offensive aircraft built with stealth technology. Its maiden flight was in 1981 and started overseas operations in 1983. It was flying missions from the secret Tonapah flight facility for 5 years before the general public knew of its existence.  This technology, creating stealth fighters and bombers was not an expected technology by the general public. One of my business partners actually oversaw the security and secrecy at Tonapah before he retired from the military. Oh the stories I could tell.

In 2015, Coastal Californians witnessed a missile launch offshore. There were all kinds of conspiracy theories like the US Navy was conducting a mock attack on Los Angeles. What they might not have known was that in 1946, just after WW2, President Truman, created the establishment of the Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Mugu. The Point Mugu complex works in collaboration with its sister location at China Lake NAWCWC. Most of the public did not know advanced missile technologies were being developed right under their noses.

Lets move to the present day. On January 16th, Bloomberg Technology reported the possible existence of the replacement of the SR-71 with the SR-72 called “The Son of Blackbird”. There are all kinds of theories going around about a secret aircraft called Aurora. Some people think this aircraft is just sitting in a blueprint. I however, based upon history and my poking around,  feel the SR-72 has been around for 4 years to support the RQ-180 drone. The SR-72 investigates and the drone monitors the target area. We did not replace the SR-71 without a replacement and we can all conceive of an expected advance into greater defense technologies.