Technology Tour in Alaska – Secure Data Centers

Ted Lancer Alaska

Awhile back I was asked to be part of a team conducting due diligence for proposed secure data centers just outside of Anchorage Alaska. These potential co-location facilities would be secure cost effective locations as just one part of tier 4 redundant data locations.

Ted Lancer

Alaska made sense because less power would be needed to supply a cool air environment. And in fact, while air “conditioning”, filtering systems would run all year, the AC compressors would only be needed to cool the air 10 months out of the year.

We toured the A,T&T ALASCOM data center in Anchorage before heading up to two separate mountain locations outside of Anchorage with the mission of building a doomsday data facility.


The first location was proposed within a closed military underground missile control site that was very active after the cold war. The second site would have been involved with opening up a closed mining site. One site would require more of an investment and another, more federal oversight. My team made their recommendation and a site was chosen at a third location I am not able to disclose at this time.

I have posted some photographs from trip below.



Securing classified information within government work spaces

Back before I was investigating classified proprietary materials theft, I was at one specific facility where the emphasis was on not leaving classified materials laying around work stations. The employee or contractor may think their project is safe just lying on a desk or up on the computer screen while they head to the restroom but statistics show many secrets have been stolen from materials left right out in the open.

The secure locations will host training classes, send out memos but they also used something as basic as cartoonish signs placed on desks, in cubicles and on walls throughout the facility like these signs I collected at one of my duty stations.

Top Secret Poster

Top Secret Frog

Top Secret Lion

These may seem goofy to use these types of displays in protecting America’s secrets but they worked.